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5 Steps to Practice Lagom, the Swedish Secret to a Happy and Balanced Life

Lagom represents the art of living a balanced, slower, and less stressful life. It's learning to enjoy and be happy with what we have, even though it's not picture-perfect. And realizing that everything we do has an effect on how we live a sustainable and less-destructive life on Earth. Lagom isn't about perfection; it's about seeking easy, doable solutions to daily problems like stress, eating healthy, getting downtime, and experiencing satisfaction. It is a combination between work and life to ensure that everything coexists in a healthy manner.

  1. Intend to venture solo: Set aside a few hours to experience the power of being alone in nature. It's in these quiet moments where you notice the rustle of leaves in the breeze, the sound of crashing waves, or the distant song of a lark. The unbroken spell of nature helps you to calm down, log off, and be quiet with your thoughts—a rarity in today's chaotic world
  2. Create a capsule wardrobe: A minimalist, highly practical closet created by clearing out unwanted or unused clothes and replacing them with a limited number of loved, highly versatile garments, which can ultimately be worn together. Because a capsule wardrobe simplifies putting together an ensemble, eliminates the hassle from dressing and wastes less time and energy on shopping and washing. It's much less expensive, and those who try it claim it makes them happy.
  3. Take enough breaks: It is important to take brief, routine breaks! Follow the 52–17-minute rule: According to a report released, the most effective people work for 52 minutes and then take a 17-minute rest. Of course, not all occupations allow for this, but it's worthwhile to consider the frequency—and acknowledging it! Whether it's a stroll around the block, sipping a cup of coffee softly, or whatever you need to do to feel refreshed.
  4. Practice the art of listening: Listen to everything and think about what one has to offer. When he/she has finished speaking, take some time to think before responding meaningfully. After you've gotten into a slower groove, you'll find it even more comfortable to talk without fear of being interrupted. And you could just discover something new and interesting about the person you're chatting with!
  5. Bring out spontaneous acts of kindness: I cannot stress on this enough! Spreading a little joy does not have to entail grand movements. Even the most mundane actions bring the most meaning and encourage the biggest smiles.Here are a few easy suggestions:
  • Leave a kind message for the next reader in a library novel.
  • Decide to hand out ten genuine compliments in a single day.
  • Write a thank-you letter to a public servant, such as a cop, a firefighter, or a nurse.
  • Write a handwritten letter to a friend or relative with whom you haven't spoken in years.
  • Carry an extra umbrella and give it to a friend if it rains.

Pratiksha Mohanty

Pratiksha is the founder of Alkimi Living, a creative soul who loves writing and is emphatic on producing sustainable goods that would shape urban living. You can follow her latest creative endeavors and musings on Instagram at @pratiksha_mohanty.

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