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How to work with your menstrual cycle and not against it.

  Tracking your menstrual cycle can help you recognize patterns which could impact both energy levels and work efficiency. Being mindful of the days leading up to and during your period is especially important. Allowing yourself the flexibility to readjust or take a break can make a big difference in managing fatigue or frustration. Keeping track of your cycle and taking time for rest can be instrumental for optimizing productivity and promoting overall well-being.  Find your flow: Your menstrual cycle has four phases, each with its own unique characteristics. Use this information to your advantage and plan your schedule accordingly. If possible, adjust your work schedule to accommodate changes in your energy levels. For example, you may find that you...


What is Candle Meditation and Why you should make it a Ritual

Candle meditation is a basic meditation method in which you focus your sight and concentration for a certain period of time on the flame of a candle. The flame of a candle is mysterious, and it draws attention. It flickers, changes form, emits a halo, and flashes a variety of colors. All of this stimulates the mind, draws attention to itself, and relaxes it.


Grow your sense of wonder. Live Authentically

I believe that most of us can relate to the experience of being conditioned. I know that certain behaviours I had to learn to let go of were formed by my early experiences. For example, caring about other people and their opinions all the time. Even as a young adult, I was advised that I should never argue with others and that I should just "let it go," even when other people annoy me.As it turns out, we do the same thing as adults. We let others define "success" for us. We forget ourselves and strive to disguise our differences when we immerse ourselves in the lives of others. Not everyone is bright intellectually, and not everyone can sing, paint,...


Curl Up It's Monsoons Already

Monsoons are officially the ‘pull out your favourite scented candle and curl up with your favourite book’ season. There is a certain romantic notion that goes with reading on a rainy day and to top that up with a scented candle is a pristine luxury that one must not forgo. Since scent is most strongly connected to memories, they become a vessel that sets the tone of a day or evening.  However, before you drown into your reading stupor make sure you monsoon proof your home. It is possible that excessive moisture in the air could cause more damage than good to the interiors. While we make the most of this season, it's only fair to protect our houses from the...


5 Love Languages to Show Love to your Moms (Even when it's not Mother's Day)

We all love our moms, but it's easy to forget to tell her how much. It doesn't have to be complicated or costly to show your mother how much you appreciate her. Consider taking a hint on how she reveals her love to others. Is she fond of cooking and entertaining guests? Or she always gives the perfect gift? Are her hugs always warm and heartfelt? Her love language—whether in terms of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, gift sharing, or physical touch—can be found throughout these daily cues.