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The Art of Sustainable Living: How Alkimi Living Candles Bring Harmony to Your Home

  Hey there, I'm Pratiksha, one of the co-founders of Alkimi Living—a homegrown home fragrance brand that I started with my then-boyfriend, now husband, Shivam. Our journey began with a shared passion for sustainability and a dream to create something that would make a positive impact on the world around us. As an eco-conscious brand, we're deeply committed to addressing the pressing environmental issues that trouble our planet today—littering, mass consumption, air pollution, and plastic waste. We believe that even small changes can make a significant difference, and that's where our mindful products come into play. Our products are designed to help tackle these pressing environmental issues by providing eco-friendly alternatives to everyday items. At Alkimi Living, we take immense...

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Simple ways to Begin the Journey of Self Discovery.

Life goes by fast. We've got errands to run, work to do, and commitments to keep. Getting started on self-discovery could be the last thing on our minds. There's never enough time in our busy schedules to contemplate what kind of life we want. While you're waiting in line at the grocery store, do you think about yourself? Most likely, no. It can be hard to find the space to discover and become our most authentic selves. However, there are endless benefits that make taking the time worth it. If you’re wondering how to begin self-discovery, know that the first step is making a commitment. Your journey will require you to focus, take action, and prioritize your needs. Remember, you can’t...

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How to work with your menstrual cycle and not against it.

  Tracking your menstrual cycle can help you recognize patterns which could impact both energy levels and work efficiency. Being mindful of the days leading up to and during your period is especially important. Allowing yourself the flexibility to readjust or take a break can make a big difference in managing fatigue or frustration. Keeping track of your cycle and taking time for rest can be instrumental for optimizing productivity and promoting overall well-being.  Find your flow: Your menstrual cycle has four phases, each with its own unique characteristics. Use this information to your advantage and plan your schedule accordingly. If possible, adjust your work schedule to accommodate changes in your energy levels. For example, you may find that you...

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What is Candle Meditation and Why you should make it a Ritual

Candle meditation is a basic meditation method in which you focus your sight and concentration for a certain period of time on the flame of a candle. The flame of a candle is mysterious, and it draws attention. It flickers, changes form, emits a halo, and flashes a variety of colors. All of this stimulates the mind, draws attention to itself, and relaxes it.

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Grow your sense of wonder. Live Authentically

I believe that most of us can relate to the experience of being conditioned. I know that certain behaviours I had to learn to let go of were formed by my early experiences. For example, caring about other people and their opinions all the time. Even as a young adult, I was advised that I should never argue with others and that I should just "let it go," even when other people annoy me.As it turns out, we do the same thing as adults. We let others define "success" for us. We forget ourselves and strive to disguise our differences when we immerse ourselves in the lives of others. Not everyone is bright intellectually, and not everyone can sing, paint,...

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